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I was looking through some forums today and came across this post that was too good to pass up.  I did not write this so I can’t take any credit.  All I can do is direct you to the forum that I found it at.

It’s pretty good and I’m sure everyone has run across someone that fits the bill on this list.  It’s a pretty long read so take that in mind.



It seems like there is an even mixture of BJJ guys and gals out there that can and cannot execute an efficient takedown.  A lot of the people who are good at takedowns either use a single, double, and maybe a hip toss or sweep (maybe).  I think that to be an efficient martial artist you need to be well versed in all types of takedowns whether they come from Wrestling, Judo, Sambo or wherever (it doesn’t matter).  That is why I have chosen the Victor Roll Leg Lock as my featured technique.  The Victor Roll Leg Lock is demonstrated by Reilly Bodycomb and came from the Submissions 101 Youtube page.

Hopefully you find this video useful and decide to add it into your arsenal.  If not, hopefully you remember enough to help you defend should your opponent try to pull this one off on you.  Either way hope you enjoy!