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If you’re new to BJJ the you probably have wondered a time or two what it takes to leave the level of White Belt and earn your Blue.  Before we go any further let me tell you it is different at each and every school.  Some schools will have set techniques (like above) that must be mastered before you can earn your Blue Belt.  The list of techniques may or may not be similar to the one above.  It may be longer or it may be shorter.  Some schools require you to take a test while others just know when you are ready and give you the belt.  At other schools you may be given your stripe or belt after doing well in a recent competition.  It is different everywhere you go.

That said I happened to come across one website, that gives White Belts a little insight about what they need to know before getting that Blue.  Click this link and you will be taken to an interactive map of the above picture that will link you to corresponding videos for each technique given.  Remember that is is only a guide and if you really want to know what your school requires then ask the instructor.

Make sure to check back frequently as I will have more posts like this for Blue Belt requirements as well as for the other belts.

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