Q & A With Shodan Kimonos

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Okay guys, here is my latest interview with Shodan Kimonos. If you haven’t heard of them they exclusively make kimonos for the hardcore jiu-jitsu practitioner.  I’d like to thank them for taking the time to answer some questions for Warrior BJJ and let you guys know that when you get a chance you should check out the website and see what they have to offer. 

When was Shodan Kimonos started and by whom?
In 2006 by group of investors in the Tri-State area.

Where are you guys located?
Our center of operations is located in the Ironbound Section of Newark NJ

Why did you want to start a martial arts brand. What inspired you to do so?
What inspired the owners to create this brand was the idea of creating training & competition gear so that everything from the name to the design is directly related to the martial way. In essence we train to become Shodan or receive the rank of Shodan in the martial arts.

How did you come up the name Shodan Kimonos?
It is the goal of every Martial Arts practitioner to become a black belt. The name is based on the undeniable fact that to achieve this rank is the very essence of why we train…to become Shodan (Black Belt). In America martial art schools base their marketing campaigns on the idea/concept of becoming a black belt. In Brazil becoming & competing as a BJJ black belt in held in really high esteem. It is the practitioners goal in all martial arts.

Can you give us a brief overview of your various kimonos?
We currently have 5 in stock designs ranging from pearl weave with ripstop pants to honey comb weave with cotton drill pants.

• Reflection Gi
• Faixa Preta Gi
• Navy Comp 550
• Aero-Gi (light weight)
• M-87 Gi (Black)

Is there anything that makes your gis different from the others on the market?
We are working with one of our sponsored competitors who has been in the BJJ game for over ten years. He has been helping us & giving us insight on how to make our product different from the other brands. One of the things that makes our gi different so far is the creativity in the designs. No gi of the various kimonos we have is alike. Others just change the color scheme for variation and we create a new design all together.

Was there anything special or different that you wanted your gear to feature?
We are going for the traditional look with tastefully creative designs on the embroidery & woven labels. Others have done a phenomenal job establishing a niche market for their brand by getting creative with contrast stitching, colored rope strings & drawstring loops. We believe though that class never goes out of style & in the future might create some designs following the new trends like contrast stitching & things like that.

What products do you currently have available for sale?
We have gi’s, rash guards, board shorts, gi belts, street belts & really cool t-shirts.

Are there any products that you are planning on adding for 2012?
We have some new products that will help us establish our niche market. At the moment we cannot disclose what they will be.

What direction would you like to take you company in the future?
We have no doubt that we will be one of the top brands on the market.

Were can people get your gear (website/ local events, etc)?
Shodan Kimonos Website

Who are some of the current athletes that Shodan Kimonos sponsors?
•Josef Ze Cobra Manuel
•Emanuel DeJesus
•Isac Chaves
•Matt Malcolmson
•Emmanuel Martinez

How does someone get sponsored by your company and is there anything special you are looking for?
We reach out to the athletes that we are interested in sponsoring. The details of what we are looking for is in the terms of the agreement they receive when becoming part of Shodan staff.


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