Interview with Jeff “Super Mario” Glover

Posted: 03/15/2012 by snake19917 in Uncategorized
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To say that Jeff Glover is a colorful character would be a HUGE understatement.  He has a aura that touches you when talking to him, that he’s just this down to earth guy, who just so happens to be one of the most bad ass players in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.  He is the innovator of deep half, master of the D’arce, and competes at the highest level BJJ has to offer.  Jeff Glover is not short on accolades and neither is he short on humor.  Without further ado here is the interview!

Brian Williamson:  I am not kissing ass when I am saying this is my dream interview Mr Glover.

Jeff Glover:  Ok no problem.

Brian Williamson:  Would you like to answer a few questions now if you have the time?

Jeff Glover:  Ok

Brian Williamson:  First off I would like to thank you for your time today.  My first question is about you being a innovator of the Deep Half Guard.  When would you say you started concentrating on that guard more then others and what drew you to it?

Jeff Glover:  It used to be called “Oh shit he is gonna mount me hold on to his leg for deal life” guard.  At first it was just a way to prevent the guard pass and over time I started using it for sweeps and shit.

Brian Williamson:  So your saying the Deep Half Guard was not even a sweeping position at first am I correct?

Jeff Glover:  Yup.

Brian Williamson:  How do you feel about the state of the guard in MMA and what do you feel should be tweaked to make it more effective?

Jeff Glover:  Could be better. Dudes need some Jeff Glover !

Brian Williamson:  Lol.  I would have to agree, if only everyone could be coached by you.  Do you have any aspirations to get into MMA yourself?

Jeff Glover:  Only when I’m drunk.

Brian Williamson: Rofl.  Ok a couple more questions. How important do you feel competition is in BJJ to get promoted?

Jeff Glover: Huge. Teaches lessons you just can’t lean at the academy.

Brian Williamson: Alright and last question.  What does the future hold for Super Mario Glover?

Jeff Glover:  Just kicking ass, taking names and chewing bubble gum.  Seminars and DVDs are my focus right now.

Brian Williamson:  Anyway can we get any tidbits on what the DVDs might be about?

Jeff Glover:  Jiu-jitsu…..Haha. Darceapedia is out this month look for it from Budovideos.

Brian Williamson:   Thank you very much Mr Glover. It has been a honor.

Jeff Glover: Thank you Brian and good luck with everything dude.


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