Gi Drive 2012 Needs Your Support BJJ Community

Posted: 03/07/2012 by thelastronin in Uncategorized
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So the site isn’t officially up and running yet, but I came across this on Facebook and felt the need to share it.  In January of this year Chicago BJJ and Subculture USA kicked of Gi Drive 2012.  Since then they have collected over 100 gis to donate to the less fortunate students in Brazil.  Their project needs a little help from the Jiu-Jitsu community because shipping all of those gis down to Brazil is quite costly.

The two groups have put together some great packages for people wanting to donate so you get something in return and help out a great cause.  There are currently 55 days left and they have raised just over $1,200 (Mar. 7) so you’ve still got plenty of time left to get in on the action and help out a worth while cause.

Here are some of the donation packages and perks still available:

  • 15% of at $1 donation – Everyone who donates will receive this coupon.
  • Limited Edition Gi Drive Shirt: $24 donation
  • Limited Edition Shirt & Patch: $37 donation
  • Free Seminar: $75 donation – Get free admission to a future seminar by BJJinChicago / Subculture USA.  This one never expires.
  • Black Belt Private Lesson: $75 donation – Choices include Andre ‘Maneco’ Leite, Mark Vives, Jeff Serafin, Misho Ceko, Adem Redzovic, Jay Valko
  • 90 Days Training at New Breed Chicago: $100 donation – Choose this package and you can train 3 months for the price of one at a top level facility.
  • Limited Edition Gi Drive Gi: $175 donation – If you want the ultimate perk you can be one of the limited few to have this cool Gi Drive Gi.

So there you have a description of the swag you can get with your donation, for the full details and place to pledge you need to head over to the Gi Drive 2012 Website.  It’s a worthy cause and they still need a lot of help to reach their goals.  Also make sure to check out their Facebook page.


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