Calling All Writers…

Posted: 03/02/2012 by thelastronin in Uncategorized

Do you love everything about BJJ?  Are you an aspiring writer or just someone who wants a place to voice their opinion without the hassle of running a website?  Well you’ve come to the right place then, because over the next few weeks I’m looking for passionate people who want to be a part of an awesome website that is dedicated to the martial art we love so much.

Warrior BJJ is a site for the true warriors out there who dedicate every waking moment to expand their knowledge and improve themselves within the art.  When you’re here it doesn’t matter what school you train at or where you are from.  We gather to share our knowledge in order to grow the sport and become better martial artists.

I’m looking for a few people to join the Warrior team and help me keep the content flowing.  If you are looking for a paying gig then I’m sorry but this isn’t the place.  If I could then I would but this site like my other one ( is run off of the love and dedication I have for martial arts.  What I can offer you is a place to grow your writing portfolio if you are an aspiring writer.  Several years ago I chose to become a freelance writer, but found that there weren’t many places I could get published without a portfolio.  “How was I going to have a portfolio if I was a new writer?”  I’m offering you guys a chance to prove yourselves and share your love of BJJ with the world.  If you aren’t an aspiring writer that’s okay too.  If you like to write and love BJJ then you are welcome here too.

If you are interested then send me an e-mail at and we can discuss things further.





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